Food Industry

Designing and constructing a food processing facility presents some unique challenges; harsh environments due to processing and cleaning requirements; food safety controls; the integration of food preparation, production and packaging flow with people movements within the building layout; the need to minimise building footprint and maximise cost efficiencies.

Expertise and experience

We have extensive experience and specialist knowledge of the food processing industry.  Our depth of knowledge covers architecture, services, process and cost consultancy. This means that we are a ‘one-stop-shop’ for the design and construction of food processing plants.

Our extensive experience means that we deliver practical architecture, functioning processes and effective construction cost and contract management.

We understand the industry culture and your end customer’s concern for quality.

We take a flexible approach and have access to a pool of specialist, like-minded consultants with similar expertise to our own. We select those most appropriate for each project and take overall responsibility for managing the project from inception to completion. We are professionally independent, always seek to deliver the best solutions for your project.

Taking a pro-active approach to obtaining information we drive the project forward rather than waiting for the answers.

Our approach to fire legislation is also pro-active. We explain our approach to the authorities rather than asking them what they require.

We take a practical approach to design – we are not ‘prima donna’ architects more concerned with form than function. We have a real passion for detail. We bring management skills, not just design skills, to bear on all our projects.

Our clients include:

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