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Arctica delivers practical architectural design and construction services for major industrial infrastructure projects such as ports and harbours, waste to energy plants and waste recycling facilities. Our professionally independent, qualified staff deliver infrastructure development projects in different geographies with an unrivalled attention to detail.

Energy from waste architecture

Traditional energy from waste (EfW) plants burn waste to produce electricity. The processes involved in transforming waste to energy – gasification, pyrolysis and liquefaction – lead to the production of other useful resources including methanol, hydrogen and bio diesel, as well as significantly reducing land fill volumes.

Designing and building modern waste to energy and recycling facilities requires many factors to be considered. These include sorting waste to remove and dispose of hazardous material safely, material storage, and the handling, storage and use of the process by-products.

Marine infrastructure architecture

Expanding existing ports and the development of new ports and harbours can incorporate the design of marine infrastructure facilities for shipbuilding and repair, general cargo ports, container ports, fishing ports, dry and liquid bulk terminals, cruise terminals, marinas and ferry ports. Port design includes marine infrastructure development, transport infrastructure, planning and optimising layouts, civil engineering and structural design, complex marine and land site surveys, safety and security.

Expertise and experience

Arctica offers architectural consultancy services for new waste to energy plants, mechanical and biological treatment plants, material recovery facilities and household waste reuse and recycling centres together with their associated buildings. We also have a vast amount of experience in the design of ship-building and repair yards, both in terms of production facilities and support buildings such as offices and staff canteen and changing facilities.

Our experience and attention to detail is invaluable to our clients in the delivery of large multi-million-pound capital projects on time and to budget.

Our specialist skills lie in the ability to produce practical and economic designs for buildings that successfully integrate the process with the architecture, structure and other services together with the delivery of high quality building envelopes that provide the public face of these facilities.

Our clients include:

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