Interim Management

Interim Management

An interim manager is a top-level project manager with specific expertise and a quantifiable track record of delivering results in challenging situations.

As an interim management provider, Arctica has experience and expertise in planning and undertaking large scale industrial and commercial developments, delivering construction solutions for capital projects, process management and industrial process automation.

We can take on a strategic role in your business to solve specific problems that require experience or expertise lacking within the organisation.

Clients who undertake strategic or tactical projects and are broadly clear on what needs to be achieved do not always possess the relevant knowledge and proven skills to deliver. Our interim management is embedded within the company as an interim project manager or project director to deliver tactical project management or full business transformation as required.

We can:

  • Lead programmes to create or extend shared services.
  • Manage outsourcing (UK and offshore).
  • Facilitate and lead restructuring.
  • Organise relocations.
  • Implement new technology, risk and regulatory systems.
  • Lead major capital projects as part of the clients team.

Although we offer similar services on a consultancy basis, these tasks are often more successfully delivered at lower cost by retaining and embedding an interim project manager in the business. Contracts are simpler and easier to manage and our knowledge and experience is focussed on delivery.

The need for interim management can be created by different circumstances – promotion, secondment, restructure, resignation or peaks of activity. The bottom line is, progress must not be compromised.

Whatever the cause for your need, we have a suitably qualified and experienced interim project manager to fulfil the brief to recover, accelerate or maintain the momentum of the business for the exact period required. We can also help to hire, mentor and coach a team to manage the project going forward.

Our interim management solution is:

  • High-impact. We can make a significant difference quickly, assessing and working with the company culture to focus swiftly on the work in hand.
  • Independent. We remain outside of company politics and so are able to address issues from a position of neutrality.
  • Transformational. We often focus on activities related to change, transition, business improvement, crisis management and turnaround.
  • Time focused. Once engaged we focus on providing significant value, seeing the project through to a conclusion within agreed fixed-term time parameters.

We can provide:

  • Return on investment.
  • Change management.
  • Turnaround.
  • Expert additional resource.
  • Consultancy with implementation.
  • Expertise.
  • Objectivity.
  • Accountability.
  • Commitment.

At Arctica we deliver this by entering and engaging with organisations via interim management consultancy then project management, combining insightful analysis and results-driven implementation.

  1. Entry. We explore your requirements by assessing your needs and the boundaries of Arctica’s contribution.
  2. Diagnosis. We research the current situation in order to understand it, how it came about and the requirements and perspectives of various stakeholder groups. At this stage a more detailed understanding of the situation is formed and possible ways to address it can be considered.
  3. Proposal. We present a more detailed proposal based on what was found during ‘diagnosis’ to act as the interim assignment objectives and plan.
  4. Implementation. We then take responsibility for managing the intervention, project, or solution, tracking progress and conducting periodic feedback reviews with you.
  5. Exit. As the assignment comes to an end, we will ensure that objectives have been met and evaluated and that you are satisfied. This stage may involve the finalisation of knowledge and skills transfer.

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