Project Management

Project Management

We are frequently involved in projects where there is little or no architectural design work but where our skills in project management consultancy can be used effectively.

Our approach is to:

  • Develop and agree the project brief and objectives.
  • Challenge the brief to ensure that it is robust.
  • Ensure open and collaborative working with all project stakeholders.
  • Be flexible and successfully blend time, quality, cost and risk factors.
  • Ensure that we learn something new from each project and take that learning forward.
  • Optimise lessons learnt, enabling us to challenge and deal with issues before they arise.
  • Continually monitor the programme projects move at a challenging pace.

Our project management services don’t need to be implemented from the outset of a project but can be applied at any point from inception to operation.

The service we offer will vary significantly depending on the activities required for a particular project to be undertaken and can be tailored to meet your exact needs.

If you are uncertain about any aspect of a new project we would offer a feasibility study to help clarify the way forward. Typically, a feasibility study covers the following areas:

  • Description / clarification of the project brief.
  • Analysis of your business case, if relevant.
  • Drawings of existing and proposed layouts including several options if appropriate.
  • Option studies with appropriate commentary on the pros and cons.
  • 3D visuals where relevant.
  • An analysis of manufacturing process / flow / equipment.
  • Any other consultant reports commissioned.
  • High-level project programme.
  • Budget estimate for the works.
  • A conclusion including any key points, way forward and potential ‘show stoppers’.

When providing you with a quotation for a feasibility study we will always spend sufficient time with you to clarify what is required. This ensures that the exercise is undertaken as efficiently and thoroughly as possible and that it offers best value for money.

To find out how we can assist you with your project management or project engineering needs call us on 01780 482200.

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